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Heaven on Earth Health Spa - Eminence, Pacifica, Enflerauge, Bio Pharma Scientific, Revitalash, Health Concerns Our products are a direct reflection on the belief that lifestyle = health.  With Organic Nutrient rich products for mind~body wellness you can continue the healing at home.       

Enflerauge aromatherapy oils are sourced from all around the world, they are the most exquisite oils on the market today.  We carry oils designed for sleep, hormonal balance, immune enhancement, and relaxation.  They are the perfect  memory for your healing experience. 

Bio Pharma Scientific Nano Nutrition is a medical grade nutritional supplement for people ages 8-80.  These green drinks are available through Primary Care Providers only and unlike most  truly remarkable medicines they taste like a fruit smoothie.

Health Concerns is the line of Chinese herbs used to treat the common cold, asthma, allergies, digestive disease, anemia, athletic enhancement, immune disorders, anti~aging, arthritis, and much much more.

Heaven on Earth Health Spa - Traditional Oriental Medicine, Acupunture

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