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      Treatments are based on healing the body through Traditional Oriental Medicine and spa therapy. We are dedicated to providing the most exceptional experiences available in the healthcare and spa industries. We provide acupuncture, facials, micro needling, heat therapy, laser therapy, electro-therapy, hot stone therapy, herbal therapy, dietary instruction, cupping, qua sha, restorative yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, feng shui counseling, and lifestyle coaching.

Heaven’s special

    1 hour 45 minutes of pure bliss. Begin face down and receive hot lavender compresses, steam, sugar scrub, massage, cupping, and hot stones on your back. While the cups and stones are in place your lower legs and feet are massaged with the utmost care. When you have been decompressed in the most delicious way it’s time to roll over for the facial, acupuncture, and qua sha lymphatic cleanse. Using the most decadent products I have found in 20 years of esthetician knowledge and expertise I nourish your skin and soul. $250


     First time clients need a full Traditional Chinese Medicine intake. Follow up sessions are shorter and always recommend. Traditional Chinese Medicine works on the whole being. Acupuncture builds the body to a state of strength and resilience. Consistency and compliance create an anti-aging effect on our systems.

First time $150

Follow up $100

Cupping  $100

Cupping as add on $50

Micro needling +LED Light Therapy

     This is the Fountain of youth. Non-invasive, little to no down time, and extremely rewarding with no toxins or chemicals.   With between 3-6 consecutive monthly sessions, you will see dramatic results and people will tell you. Depending on age and skin challenge the amount of sessions will vary from person to person.  I use a specialized micro needling device with disposable cartridges for safety and sanitation. I create invisible micro channels in the surface of the skin while adding specific hyaluronic acid and collagen boosting serum. Over the following 28-35 days depending on age your skin will produce new collagen and skin resurfacing. The results are remarkable.

Face, neck, and chest $500

Back Support

     For 1 hour I use hot aromatherapy compresses, sugar scrub, oil massage, cupping, and hot stones all on the back. This is a focused and targeted treatment for relieving the back of stress, supporting our strength and resilience.


LED Light Therapy

     Utilizing a professional grade LED light for skin improvement. Results from NASA’s decades of testing have allowed health practitioners to utilize high powered healing LED light therapy in office. Research has shown these devices to improve collagen synthesis and production, treat inflammation, promote wound healing, improve fine lines, kill bacteria and reduce tiny blood vessels. The different lights treat hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, and oil production as well.

Regular weekly sessions of 30 minutes are recommended.


$50 as an add on to prior service. 

Call us today to make an appointment 805-403-2476

Travel time $1 per mile

Spa parties available for 3-5 people 10% off of services.

  Create your wellness program. With consistency and compliance you can become healthier and happier than ever before. 

*24 hour cancellation notice required on all appointments. 

Heaven on Earth Health Spa 805-403-2476

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